Ever wondered how difficult it’d have been to establish any long-term relation of any sort with anyone or even a short one given we could not communicate in the same language as the other person or understand the other person’s message? Imagine living in a world where we are all born with our own language, which is different from everyone else.

That’s preposterous, right? I know, it must seem funny, sitting comfortably and scrolling through the article, getting me completely given we write, read, speak and understand the same language. Many might simply find the assumption, in the beginning, to be just unrealistic and rebuff it straightaway. 

But let me just bring this fact to your attention that we are all born with different physiques, faces, and even our voice is different from one another. Not just that, the style of dialogue delivery also varies significantly from one another. By now, the assumption, in the beginning, must feel worth some consideration for at least a moment.

Before you spend any more time diving into the contents of this article, let me clarify the purpose and goal of the article as we reach its end and help you know in advance if you would find any value by going all through it till the end. So, as we proceed, we would be talking upon a  very familiar but relatively less understood term in-depth and that’s none other than “Marketing”. 

Today, the businesses would be paralyzed had there been no commonality between the way they communicate their message and how their target audience understands the message. And to be more precise, there won’t be any businesses operating at all in such a scenario.

The very essence of businesses in the present time is about how effectively they connect with their target audience, convert prospective customers into existing customers, and build a strong relationship over time in order to make repeat sales and establish a brand identity for themselves in the marketplace.

To achieve any typical business’s goal of establishing a robust brand identity in order to cut through the competition and stand out, every business organization engages in various activities. These activities begin with market research and involve activities such as identifying an opportunity, exploring its viability, coming up with an offering, conveying their target customers about the offering, and finally converting the prospective customers to actual customers. Thereafter taking all the necessary measures to keep the existing customers by taking care of their needs and meeting their expectations with their offerings while getting new customers onboard. All of these rigorous and exhaustive activities could be put in one word as “Marketing”.

I guess, the vastness of the activities and their impact on any business put under the seemingly short and simple word “Marketing” might just get a little less hazy by now. Marketing starts way before final products are developed and continues way beyond final sales in the form of after-sales services, handling customer grievances, and the like. Marketing efforts greatly determine any business’s failure or success in the long run.

But then, we got some out of the world, most weird and bizarre sayings when it comes to Marketing. For instance, in the words of Steve Tobak,


Hope that answers all of your queries and doubts and establishes the fact very firmly that marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea, at least not in the present scenario where customers get buried under an avalanche of advertisements and other promotional activities.

The marketing activities at present greatly differ from the ones which used to take place in the past. 

To get a better idea about the same, here’s a table-

Introducing CATT Marketing funnel and framework, which states, Wealth= n^CATT, where-

[n] implies Niche.  Niche often refers to a position or interest that allows someone or something to thrive in a particular environment. Here, the niche is given a power symbol (^) emphasizing how crucial it is to one’s success in the marketplace. Now, how to choose the right niche?

The above image illustrates how you can select a suitable niche for yourself. It could be anything having a blend of your talent about the particular topic, your passion towards it, and above all, an existing market to sell it.

[C] implies Content. This part focuses on providing and adding value to the niche chosen in the first place. It’s as crucial as niche selection given a good niche selection would just go in vain if there’s no meaningful content in its support.

[A] implies Attention. As the word implies, here we try grabbing and holding the attention of our target audience.

[T] implies Trust. Trust building is integral to converting a prospective customer into actual customer by making a sale.

[T] finally implies Transaction. This is where all our efforts are paid by closing a deal.

Having done all this and came this far, you would surely want to reap the rewards of all your hard work in the best possible way out there. But the question is, where to find one such solution for yourself? No worries, you got this friend at your rescue again.

The concept we are about to know now would most effectively meet your just desire to reap maximum benefits of all the work you have put in till now. It’s none other than the Integrated Digital Marketing technique.

Under this, you put all of our social and digital media platforms and networks into work as a unified whole rather than letting each platform act as a completely separate entity from your other online handles. This unified system put at work would yield results far bigger and greater compared to them put at work as a separate entity independent of one another. To put it simply, in the words of Aristotle,

“The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts”. Just as present days SEO.

There’s still this one thing that could prove to be the cherry on top of all this. What could it be, any guess? Again, you got a friend in me. It’s the Personal Branding of the spearhead. As more aptly put at , Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint.

This technique implies learning a specific skill that interests you. This learning might be done from various sources available, such as books, YouTube videos, podcasts, Ted talks, blogs, and many more.  Learning lays the foundation of your future. How seriously you learn any specific topic or skill determines how far you go on your journey to achieve what you have dreamt of attaining and achieving in your life.

After you have learned, the next step is to start putting that learning into practice. Get hands-on experience with your learning and beat all competition in your area of work.

After you have gained some experience and feel confident about what you are doing, it is time when you should go ahead and launch your own blog. This practice would further amend your work adding greater value to your work.

Now, you are ready to go ahead and provide consultation services to the people around you, who are interested in what you do and are keen to know and learn more about your work.

By now, you would be adept enough with your work and you can go ahead with providing mentoring services to those interested to learn from you and benefit from your experience. You may begin to charge for your services at this stage.

Finally, you are good to go with your startup thing. You may choose the agency model to be able to offer your services at a greater level and be able to provide services to your clients as per their expectations and make some bank from it.

Doing all this, do not forget to nurture your personal brand image along with these above-mentioned activities. This greatly helps people associate and relate with any organization or company. This is obvious as people can know who to look up to if they are in a time of need. Moreover, this could benefit you with your next ventures as you have already built a strong base of loyal customers who trust you and your product thus, enabling you to move your products and services more easily.

There would be no better example to mention at this point than Elon Musk, who has built a great brand image of his own, greater than the company Tesla, which is the reason behind such a mega fan following and personal brand of himself. Using his personal brand, he went on to launch other ventures, such as The Boring Company.

In the midst of all this, entirely overlooking the significance of developing a good communication skill could render all of your previous efforts to be incomplete.

Most people think of communication as a means to deliver their message to the person they are interacting with. But in reality, communication is way more complex and a difficult task. 

Meaningful communication is established only when the other person or the group of persons you are interacting with, completely understands the message you delivered to them, understands its true context, and takes necessary steps to incorporate the message they got in their work. And to achieve desired results from your communication, you are supposed to deliver the message in a way that is well understood by your recipient or audience. 

For instance, if you as an executive use all the heavy technical jargon to communicate with your ground-level employees, there’s a very high chance the purpose of your communication will go completely unmet. A coding expert can’t teach a newbie know-hows of coding by using all the heavy jargon since the very beginning. So, to establish effective communication, you first need to know your audience well and then go on with delivering your message so that it’s received in its true sense from the other end.

It’s high time when you take a first step towards fulfilling your dreams given the humongous opportunity available in our beloved nation, India especially in the digital space.

I personally feel like implying all the amazing learnings and insights I had while working on this article to fulfill my own dreams in the recent future. To be a little more specific about it, I would like to rent the most expensive hotel suite in the world for a vacation with my family. It doesn’t matter how long is they stay in that suite. But in the first place, I just wanna reach a level in my life where I could afford such a luxury, and to be honest I’m pretty confident about living this one dream just like many others of its sort.

The Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland- $80,000

Here’s the still of that suite, where I to fulfill my dream today. Guests who stay at the royal penthouse suite have the eighth floor of the President Wilson Hotel all to themselves. No luxury is spared here — from the living room filled with a grand piano, billiards, and rare book collection, to the bathroom that features Hermès toiletries, and a Jacuzzi overlooking Lake Geneva.

As I reach the conclusion of this article, hope you found reading it worth your time. Hopefully, I could add some meaningful insights to your pre-learned concepts about the Marketing activities along with providing you some direction with some really amazing techniques. Also, I hope you found it motivating to identify the unexplored opportunities in our nation, motivating you to take that first step and sharing my dream, and asking you to get up, fulfill one of yours.

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