It’s always so intriguing and intimidating interacting with an entrepreneur. Oftentimes, I’m simply left amazed getting to know their positive viewpoint towards any given situation or problem, no matter how unworkable they might seem to the rest of the world. And then this fine day, I happened to come across this extraordinary individual, a born entrepreneur in the true sense, who defies not only human beings with ordinary skill sets but even his peers equally. And more interestingly, he isn’t new at it and there are incidents that date back to his primary education days, that prove how he masters the art of standing out and defying the norms, thus, substantiating my statement, a born entrepreneur in true sense. 

Throwing light to one such incident from his primary education days, he shares how he never craved for marks, never competed for ranks in school examinations. When his friends would do anything and everything to get good grades, he wouldn’t at all bother studying subjects that don’t interest him. His parents and teachers tried everything to make him believe that he needed to study that particular subject to get good grades but tell you, he didn’t even prepare that one subject even for his Std. X Board exams. Such was his conviction to his thought process, which has only evolved and strengthened over the course of time. 

As we move ahead and cover later aspects and events of his life, I feel like finally disclosing the identity of the personality onboard amongst us, he is none other than Saad The Wiz Madni. What to say of that introduction, I just find it so apt- believe me, anyone like me would agree to it- for a person like him who carries altogether a different aura with himself and excels at his work. 

As we talked, I discovered it was since his Std. XI days -when many don’t even know if they made the right decision choosing Commerce/Science/Art stream- he’d been holding and harboring onto this start-up idea of his, right away after he chose Entrepreneurship as his optional subject. 

One fine day, he garnered enough courage and went ahead, sharing the start-up idea with his family. And you know typical Indian parents reply to his idea. Complete your education first, as crisp and straight as that. What now? Still in Std.XI, completing his post-graduation, calls for no progress on his start-up reality path, at least not for a minimum period of the next 7 years. 

Believe me, had it been me or you, the thought of dropping the plan must have crossed our mind, at least once in such a long course of time. But I told you before, this guy got what it takes to hold on to his dreams dearly and make it a reality one day. 

Moving to his graduation days, he participated in one of the Business Idea competitions on his college campus itself. He grabs the opportunity thinking there’s no one but him to win that very business idea competition. Fast forward, it’s the event day, idea presentations were done, he lay back comfortably in his chair thinking which way to walk to go collect the trophy. Finally, results declared. And he recalls, what happened next was just not thought of in the wildest of his dreams. Forget winning the competition, he didn’t make it even to the third position. It was a hard pill to swallow for him. 

First time to date in his education life he found an event that suited him and was meant for him too only to break him more severely. The event came to its end, teachers, and students leaving the auditorium. But he waited in his chair. Walked up to the guest, the main judge of the event from the Economics Department of the college. And asked where did he go wrong to deserve that? I don’t know Saad. I gave you the maximum marks. I wanted you to take that prize for your brilliant idea. I don’t really know what happened. Maybe combined marks from other judges didn’t go in your favor, and I don’t understand how come is that even fair. The judge tells him. To which he replied, Sir, actually I’m not an active participant in the rest of the events organized in the college and that he saw only the active participants win that day, irrespective of their absurd and unclear ideas. There you go, that’s the very reason you didn’t make it, but tell you one thing, with this idea, I want Benaras (another name for the Varanasi city in U.P.) to call your name, the judge asks him. 

And remarks like that have greatly helped him not to lose faith in his idea and more importantly in himself. Saad explains further, he never ever doubted his idea and even his failure at the business idea competition didn’t shake his confidence in his business start-up idea. 

He says he never wanted to win the competition to validate his idea but still wanted to win it anyways only to get his father’s confidence in his idea. Again, typical Indian parents mentality, believing educational institutions more than their own child’s ability. 

He further states he believes someone cannot be self-motivated as long as they don’t find other people’s motivation to be only demotivating. I mean, read that statement again to understand it, and just revel in its simplicity and serenity. It’s 2026, and you know this very person’s stature and status as well as I do. 

Hope this article gives its readers the courage to dream big, believe in it, take a stand, and have the courage and determination to overcome every roadblock to make it a reality one day. It feels bad having to end this interview here. I just wish to interact with him soon in the near future and come up with more of such revitalizing content. 

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